About Us

The 9th Gate Miniatures Company has been established by a professional figures collector and hobbyist with more than 20 years of experience together with a professional miniatures painter, who is also a product designer and industrial modelist with not as many but very successful years of experience in the figure painting world.

In the opinion of many collectors, hobbyists and founders of this company, there is somewhat of a gap in the figures and bust market.

Very often we can see that the same sculptors are working for many different companies, and their personal style is recognisable, which is good, but at the same time their figures are not very unique in style and do not have an individual charm and spirit.

It is likely that over time, some standards for figures were defined - such as certain poses created as though for a personal photo shoot, or poses that are repeated from one miniature to another. It is a pity, but often, behind figures that relate to historical miniatures, there is no background, there is no artistic thought – for a collector or a hobbyist, it is very difficult to answer the question - what the artistic meaning was invested in this or that figure, and where does the in-depth creativity lay?

Quite often, if there is a figure in the market with the proper name of its historical prototype, then its portrait similarity to the original is not there, because sculptors who have done this type of figure have problems with anatomy, and only true professionals do achieve quality figures, and especially when it comes to portraying more define facial expressions of these miniatures.

The last problem is that in the current market it is very difficult to purchase a figure or bust that is remembered immediately and instantly. The market has a fairly large number of new products every month, and on the one hand, I want to buy a few miniatures. How to solve this issue?

It's very simple - so you see a new release, and a few minutes later without being in front of it, try to create the sculpture in your mind, reproduce it as authentic as possible, and clearly remember not only to which character it belongs to, but also some of the details you like most. Now, if you remember all of these, then you should buy it.

The approach of our company is simple - once you see our miniatures, you will clearly reproduce them in your memory in a week and a month. Each of our miniatures corresponds to our slogan – the life or remarkable people.