Initially, we decided that the main preference of our company would be historical resin and bronze busts. However, as far as making new busts, we came to the conclusion that without making figures, we will be considered a narrowly focused company. Therefore, we decided to expand the range of products offered and included in our list the figures of those characters who served as prototypes for our busts. The main scale of our figures is 75mm. However, if necessary, we can make our figures on the 90mm and 54mm scales. Not so long ago, we began work on figures (scenes) for the 1/35 scale.

Our 75mm figures are ideal for professional modellers, collectors, and for beginner miniature painters. Our kits are also great for all family members for ages 14 and over. Our historical and fantasy figures are ideal as a unique gift, Birthday presents and Christmas gifts. Our 75mm miniatures are also the ideal solution to spend your spare time with your children or grandchildren together, and distract them from their IPads & PCs! We love to see you painting our figurines; so please share your pictures on our Facebook page & get a chance to win the prize from 9thGate Miniatures!

Top 10 health benefits of painting miniatures: 1. Improves concentration & fosters creative growth. 2. Builds problem-solving & sharpen fine motor skills. 3. Good way to relax & strengthens memory. 4. Promotes knowledge of various cultures & history aspects. 5. Boosts creativity & promotes an optimistic attitude. 6. Promotes non-verbal communication skills. 7. Improves critical thinking skills. 8. Perseverance. 9. Nurtures emotional growth & self-confidence. 10. Gives you a positive mind-set.