In 9th Gate Miniatures we are passionate about painting figures, and this is the main reason we started producing our own. We have on board professional painters that can paint for you any of our figures, you just have to contact us and can discuss any project you have in mind.

Eventually our team will organize painting events with our range of figures, bringing the possibility not just to practice with our best references, but also learn with a professional the best way to paint them. We also offer private sessions to take advantage of a close attention and personalized explanations.

Our best interest is to be part of the painting world, and we find essential to collaborate with as many people as possible, such as bloggers, magazines, professional painters or studios. If you find that we can collaborate in any way, write us, we are willing to work with new people and make this world bigger.

We like when people get involved with us, when they share they real thoughts and critics seeking an improvement in the things we do. In addition, we are aware of people who help us spreading the word or who are passionate about our range and they do not miss a chance to paint one of them. Therefore, we are creating a monthly award for this kind of followers, consisting in products of our range, or even having them a bit early. We have the right to declare it deserted if there is not enough participation: -

  • An award for the most collaborative, this means constantly sharing his/her thoughts on any of our social networks, helping us to improve with critics and being involved with our brand.
  • An award for the best painted. Our professional painter will look for each of our painted references in the social networks, and monthly will chose the better painted to reward his effort with some of our products. Is very important that you tag us in your publications, so we can see your work.
  • An award for the best follower. This award will be monthly or every two months depending on the participation of people, but this is basically the most collaborative person in any aspect, we want to recognize loyalty and reward it, so we can grow stronger together.

The team behind 9th Gate Miniatures is not just passionate about figures, we are passionate about movies, TV series, books, pop culture in general, and we would love to hear your ideas for new figures or even for new ranges. In addition, we want to know what do you seek in the figure-painting world, maybe you find that are not enough mounted knights? On the other hand, that there is a serious lack of characters of some sort? So tell us, we will listen and maybe your desired figure or range becomes a reality!

Finally, we want to break barriers between brand and customer/hobbyist. We want to be your brand, helping you in any way and listening to your thoughts, good or bad, so we can grow together as a community!

Painting Miniatures

Top Health Benefits of Painting

Traditionally known as the most enjoyable hobby of our time, painting has long been associated with many health and therapeutic benefits that has encouraged a great number of us from generations past and present to pick up a brush and explore the great wonders this ageless hobby has to offer. In this article, we will examine the well-known and most talked about benefits associated with painting and the impact they have on unlocking our bodies other attributes in which we use in our daily social and working environments.

The most common benefits with painting are: -

Improves concentration - when painting, regardless of the size and complexity of the project, it will require a great level of concentration, this is known to help build vital focus and concentration skills, studies have shown that those students who participate in painting session are more likely to remember and observe more information than those who do not participate in any painting sessions.

Enhance communication skills - many artists use painting as a way of conveying their message across, a brush can be as effective if not greater than a written script, a painting goes further than words, it is an alternative release of emotion in a form understood by the masses, and it is an inspiration to be able to express feelings that no other platform can accommodate.

Improves problem solving and motor skills - by simply picking up a brush the body will immediately enhance the mobility in your hands and fingers, a mobility which can be transferred into other walks of life such as writing or typing skills. Furthermore, a painter is often required to think outside the box, the project that they imagined often requires adaptations, and it is the artist's job to bring the pieces together and overcome such challenges through problem solving, such skills can be transferred in countless situations during one's life.

Relaxation and stress release - when painting, a painters mind is solely on the task at hand, this will prevent the mind from drifting to anything else, this allows the mind to rest from any stress previously endured, and the stimulation gained from producing a piece of art and a sense of accomplishment offers the painter a sense of pride and joy in the task they have performed. The benefits gained through these events have long been associated with having a positive impact on our mental health and can even decrease the risk of mental illness.

Positive energy - when considering the above-mentioned benefits, it is no surprise that those who take up painting have experienced a new wave of positive energy, and energy that has been transferred to those around them.

Enhance creativity - practice and focus, the two key elements associated with left-brained individuals can be transferred into their painting project, which allow not only those right-brained artistic people, but also to those left-brained who through patience and practice can develop their creative mind at their own pace, pathing a way for creative development.