A few words about our resin miniature busts. The "Classical" category includes an assortment of well known, historical prototypes at different stages of their life; the "Oulaws" category includes fictional human characters, and the "Outcasts" category includes fantasy style miniatures.

The quality of casting matches the quality of the sculpture itself. You will almost never find any defects, especially when it comes to bubbles. For assembly, you will need super glue & a hobby knife.

Top 10 health benefits of painting miniatures: 1. Improves concentration & fosters creative growth. 2. Builds problem-solving & sharpen fine motor skills. 3. Good way to relax & strengthens memory. 4. Promotes knowledge of various cultures & history aspects. 5. Boosts creativity & promotes an optimistic attitude. 6. Promotes non-verbal communication skills. 7. Improves critical thinking skills. 8. Perseverance. 9. Nurtures emotional growth & self-confidence. 10. Gives you a positive mind-set.

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