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The pandemic has given us the time to create new models, as well as to make our classic models from scratch. We are now updating our site with new sdditions to our miniature collections. We also ready to offer our clients amazing and unique opportunity where they have an option to customise a basic model with alternative heads (facial expressions) and/or hands (positions, eleternative items, etc). Our company was established in 2016. 

Why to choose usOUR PHYLOSOPHY

When working with miniatures, we pay great attention to all tiny details on clothing, but above all - we pay special attention to the portrait resemblance to the prototype. We will never offer you miniatures that we ourselves would not have bought. For each of our figures, there is a background, and you will immediately notice and understand this the moment you look at it.

In addition, a few words about the size of our busts. Initially, we focused on the scale of 1/14 when the current market was dominated by a much larger size, like 1/10. In our opinion, the smaller size has some benefits, such as – the painting time is much less, rather than to paint a big bust; and smaller busts do not require a lot of space for display.

Having spent some time on additional consumer research, we have come to the conclusion that 1/14 scale of our busts, which we originally thought would be favoured to our customers, hasn’t met a desired demand, and so, the decision has been made to change the scale of the busts we offer to our customers from 1/14 to 1/10.

We will keep producing the 1/14 scale busts, but only as limited editions. Most of our figurines can be purchased with unique heads, arms and with the option of holding different items.

One of our most talented painters painted our figurines and showed the way how he did it. You can purchase his step-by-step guide, or you can watch his videos on our website free of charge. Another talented person of these spectra made the pictures and videos, which are available for you as well. You can purchase the painting books from us, which include information on how to paint 5 different figures; you can also buy the leaflets or simpler cards on how to paint one of the particular miniatures from us.




What we offer you - without mentioning the obvious benefits our resin miniatures pose, listed are the additional statistics for each bust or figure.

Our busts and figures are made of high-quality resin, but often during assembly fragile parts can break. If this happens, you can always order the broken part in addition. 

Most of our busts and figurines have alternate variants of poses or heads. In the event that you are unable to decide which particular figure you prefer; you can always order an additional body for your miniature.

On the occasion that you wish to want to purchase a figure and a bust with your own personal suggestions, you are more than welcome to do so! We can make the miniature with your own suggested likeness, please contact us for the details and prices.

When you order your figure, have a look at the additional avaliable options and use the built-in constructor facility to customise your figure.

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