Queen Elizabeth II at Ceremonial Event

Queen Elizabeth II at Ceremonial Event, QB3

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Date available:2018-11-22
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Categories: Busts | Remarkable people
Material: High quality resin
Scale: 1/14
Pieces: Three, two alternative heads
Sculptor: Barruz Studio

High quality, 1/14 scale resin bust of Queen Elizabeth II , designed for painters and collectors. This miniature represents The Queen Elizabeth II at ceremonial event. The bust has portrait quality and comes with two alternative heads. Unpainted historical miniature bust requires assembly and painting. 

Some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II 

Queen Elizabeth II has been the HBIC of the British royal family for over six decades, and she's made some pretty badass moves during that time. She has spearheaded a history-making trip to Ghana, ordered divorces, and even critiqued episodes of Downton Abbey for historical accuracy.

Because of her serious veneer and commanding presence, we don't often think about the fact that The Queen is actually really funny. One recent example? During an interview reflecting on her coronation, Queen Elizabeth manhandled the hell out of the Imperial State Crown, poking and prodding it while saying, "It's very solid, isn't it?" The humorous moment put the queen in a relatable light (as does her horse riding, car driving, and binge-drinking), but there are even more examples from The Queen that show off her biting sense of humour.

When opening the exhibition of artist Lucian Freud's nude paintings, The Queen told her aide she had been very careful to make sure she "was not photographed between a pair of those great thighs." During that same trip, a curator asked The Queen if she had ever been painted by Lucian Freud. She smiled and said, "Yes, but not like that."

Protesters threw eggs at The Queen during a visit to New Zealand, after which she quipped, "I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast."

Weight : 100.00g
L x W x H : 38.00 x 26.00 x 46.00mm

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