Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, PFB2

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Material: High quality resin
Scale: 1/14
Pieces: Three, two alternative heads
Sculptor: Barruz Studio

High quality, 1/14 scale resin bust of the young Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, designed for painters and collectors. The bust has the portrait quality. Unpainted historical miniature bust of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, requires assembly and painting. 

Some interesting facts about Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Phillip had previously meet Queen Elizabeth in 1934, and then again in 1937 at George VI’s coronation, but feelings for one another arose a few years later, during the summer of 1939, when Phillip put responsible of entertaining the queen and her sister upon their visit to the college. They kept in touch during the years to follow, during which time there had been a war occurring, and thus, priorities defined.

Phillip proposed to Elizabeth in 1946, though the marriage, he was not welcomed, and was even initial rejected by Elizabeth’s father George VI, despite his warm regards towards Phillip, due to his background and royal connections in Greece, emphasised by the wary views of foreign marriage most predominantly after the 1936 Abdication.

Once the couples’ engagement was announced on 9 July 1957 Philip renounced his Greek and Danish titles and converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Anglicanism and as he had no surname of his own, he acquired his mother’s maiden name, Mountbatten.

The two wed in November 1947 at Westminster Abbey. George VI bestowed the titles of Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich as well the style, ‘His Royal Highness’.

 Philip was now an accomplished man, with a title, a surname, and most significantly, he now had a loving marriage, a home and a new sense of belonging.  His devoutness to Elizabeth was articulated in a letter he shared with his mother: “Cherish Lilibet? I wonder if that word is enough to express what is in me.”

He had prevailed all of his early life’s previous ordeals, astonishingly with no reflection of any resentments over what once was. 

Philip eventually had taken his mother to reside with him in Buckingham Palace where she died aged 84 in 1969. Though their relationship had multiple periods of long absences, there was an undoubted bond between them and just before she died Alice wrote to her son:

“Dearest Philip. Be brave, and remember I will never leave you, and you will always find me when you need me most. All my devoted love, your old Mama.”

Weight : 100.00g
L x W x H : 38.00 x 26.00 x 46.00mm

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