Sherwood Untold: The Journey (Volume 1)

Sherwood Untold: The Journey (Volume 1)

Sherwood Untold: The Journey (Volume 1), B001

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She is a successful barrister who revolves in high society and leads a comfortable, happy life in London. He is a ruthless murderer, the right-hand man and Commander-in-Chief to the callous Sheriff of Nottingham. However, looks are often deceptive and behind the strong façade, there hides a broken and lonely soul, longing for compassion, happiness and love.

The old Robin Hood story with an original twist, Sherwood Untold: The Journey is a time-travelling, romantic adventure that takes you from modern London back to medieval England, to the times of King Richard the First, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Journey is the first book of the "Sherwood Untold" trilogy.

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