The Seven Seas Series

The Seven Seas SeriesHigh Quality Resin Figures & Miniatures in 1/24

Out team of highly professional sculptors, pays great attention to the quality of the models we design. But it's not only the design of the figures that we are so proud of. 


Our models are printed with high precision 3-D printers using the best materials, both in our UK and Spanish offices and we use the top quality resin to cast our figures. 


Most of the models available in "The Seven Seas" series can be customised with alternative heads, facial expressions, different hands and objects. The models are both unique and universal and can be used in combination with other figures from the series to create various scenes. We also have options of additional inventory items which you can combine to create dioramas or big scenes with several figures. 


We are very happy to share with you that for the past year we have been collaborating with Carlos Royo, who have professionally painted our models to helps us showcase their stunning quality. 


When purchasing a model from the 9th Gate Miniatures, you will receive a free card with a brief guidance and ideas on how to pain face or clothes of the mode you purchased. With Carlos' help we were also able to produce an amazing e-book which will provide a step-by-step guide to painting our models. 

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