Winston Churchill Bust "Veni"

Winston Churchill Bust "Veni"
Winston Churchill Bust "Veni" Winston Churchill Bust "Veni" Winston Churchill Bust "Veni" Winston Churchill Bust "Veni" Winston Churchill Bust "Veni" Winston Churchill Bust "Veni" Winston Churchill Bust "Veni"

Winston Churchill Bust "Veni", WCB1

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Material: High quality resin
Scale: 1/14
Pieces: Three
Sculptor: Roberta Fontana

High quality 1/14 scale resin bust of Sir Winston Churchill, designed for painters and collectors. This miniature represents Sir Winston Churchill during the darkest days of the United Kingdom in August-September, 1939. We called this series of busts as "Veni, Vidi, Vici". The bust has the portrait quality and comes with the custom-made face expression. Unpainted historical resin miniature bust of British Premier Minister, requires assembly and painting. The design registered with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Design number: 6047061.

Some interesting facts about Winston Churchill

Churchill was selected First Lord of the Admiralty in October 1911; the appointment having been made by Asquith. He subsided into his official London home at Admiralty House, and during his time here Churchill built up his new office on board the admiralty the Enchantress. Throughout the following couple of years, he concentrated on maritime training, during this time he visiting navel stations and dockyards, looking to enhance maritime confidence, whilst analysing German maritime advances.

As a feature of his maritime improvements, he pressed-hard for an increase in pay along with changes and developments of more noteworthy amnesties for the staff. He also restored spotlight on the Royal Naval Air Service, urging them to try different things with how the flying machines could be utilized for belligerent military purposes. He instituted the expression "seaplane" and requested 100 to be built for the Navy.

During which time Churchill was the First Lord of the Admiralty, he had experienced a situation where by he had learned that two officers were found in an isolated corner of one of London parks, on a seat, performing sexual intercourse. Homosexuality was a criminal offense. Unavoidable outrage would come from this, "Make love?! In the park?! At night?!" - Churchill roared - "In February frost?! This is the endurance and tempering of a British naval officer!" When the officers were discharged from service from the Admiralty, Churchill greatly disapproved of this decision.

On the 10th May 1940 Winston Churchill became Britain's prime minister and he described this moment later in life in the following manner: 'I felt...that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial'.

On that same day Germany had, that morning, attacked France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

This was to be Britain’s ultimate trial, and in turn to be the reason for why Churchill is best remembered. It is for his administration through the period of 1940-1941 - through Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz - that Churchill is renowned for.

Churchills contribution to both the wars celebrates him as a wartime hero, and specifically for the second world war.

People have less knowledge to the fact that he was also a wartime prisoner, during the time he had travelled as a journalist to cover the Boer War among British and Dutch Settlers. He was trapped and caught by opponent soldiers. After breaking free he returned home as a hero.

Weight : 110.00g
L x W x H : 52.50 x 37.00 x 68.00mm

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