About UsOur History

The 9th Gate Miniatures Company has been established by a professional figures collector and hobbyist with more than 20 years of experience together with a professional miniatures painter, who is also a product designer and industrial modelist with not as many but very successful years of experience in the figure painting world.

Why to choose usOUR PHYLOSOPHY

Our philosophy is extremely simple - if our figures are enthralled not only by the founders of this company, but also by a professional sculptor (who has the necessary artistic and technical education required), as well as from the professional painting artist who makes us the art boxes, there is no doubt that our thumbnails like yours.
When working with miniatures, we pay great attention to all detail, but above all - we pay special attention to the portrait resemblance to the prototype. You will never have to guess of who is depicted in this figure or is embodied in the bust, even more so, you will not be surprised nor will you find yourself shrugging your shoulders when looking at the figure and on the claimed name.
We will never offer you miniatures that we ourselves would not want to buy. For each of our figures, there is a background, and you will immediately notice and understand this the moment you look at it.
In addition, a few words about the size of our busts. We are focused on the scale of 1/16 when the current market is dominated by much larger sizes. In our opinion, larges sizes create two major problems. The first problem – the large sizes require a lot of painting skills, experience and time to paint them, which in turn scares off many hobbyists. The second issue is their storage, one of our series includes more than 10 busts, for which you do not need a lot of space, which could not be said if our busts had they been in 1/10 scale.
In the near future, you can also purchase the brochures and DVDs about the full process of painting a particular miniature.
The last point we would like to bring to your attention is that we are very much aware that buying new figures and miniatures is quite expensive; therefore, we can offer the acquisition of our figures with monthly payments (this does not apply to the purchase of 1-3 figures or busts at a time).


What we offer you- without mentioning the obvious benefits our miniatures poses, listed are the additional statistics for each bust or figure; you can buy our stands (plinths) made from out of exotic wood. With specially selected sizes for our busts and figures. You can view photos of our plinths in the relevant section on our site. All stands are available to purchase, and you do not need to wait for additional manufacturing time.
Our busts and figures are made in resin, and often, during assembly fragile parts can break. If this happens, you can always order the broken part in addition.
Most of our busts have alternate variants of poses or heads. In the event that you are unable to decide which particular figure you prefer, you can always order an additional body for your miniature.
In addition, if you want to buy a professionally painted miniature, we will always be happy to help. If you really liked any of our painted miniatures, you can make an order for a set of the same paints that were used to create that piece.

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